GESCOMET – is the management system selected by the Spanish Army for coordinating and administering Voice and Data Communications in tactical environments at battalion level, also reaching brigade level.

GESCOMET is a tactical solution defined by software and customized for the Army which includes advanced capabilities for the routing of IP data, remote control and voice management on combat radio networks. It offers the integration of media provided by various manufacturers, advanced tools for prioritizing traffic, remote control of the main equipment, Tactical Voice server and integration of Smart Voice and Data.

The GESCOMET system integrates the main services and applications deployed by et: bms, fft, talos, simacet, etc dynamically routing the data and voice flows via HF, VHF, UHF radio, Satcom and Radio links.

GESCOMET is compatible with major tactical equipment developed by RF Española:

  • VMI (Voice Manager Integrated)
  • RAU (Remote Access Unit)

Among the main features of GESCOMET can be highlighted:

  • Integrated voice and data communications solution for military scenarios.
  • Integrated tactical router for dynamic routing of data traffic with prioritization, QoS and Load Balancing.
  • Proprietary protocol for dynamic tactical routing.
  • Adaptive and dynamic ARQ/NOARQ data transmission that includes compression and real time AES 256 encryption.
  • Tactical intercom for CNR voice integration and VoIP services in the radio network.
  • Complete client management application for voice services from any point on the network (Voice Manager).
  • Centralized management of the scenario by means of a single mission file.
  • On-screen display of the state of the local and remote communications devices, as well as the state of the network.
  • Integration of all kinds of communications and network devices irrespective of manufacturer and operating mode.
  • Remote control of communications devices.
  • Complete email service and messaging management.
  • System that can be integrated with external mail servers (MTA mode) such as Microsoft Exchange ®, Lotus Notes ®, Merak Mail Server ®, etc).
  • Advanced tactical services for acquiring GPS signal and GPS server, NTP, SNMP management, etc.
  • Support for encrypters (CIFPECOM, KG84, KY99…).
  • NATO STANAG 5066 protocol for interoperable radio communications.