RFE at BRIEX Fuerza Terrestre 2035, from May 21 to 23.

RF Española will be present at the BRIEX Fuerza Terrestre 2035, an event that will take place in Toledo from May 21 to 23.


In this event you will be able to see radios that can fulfill the needs of the Spanish Army VCR 8×8 program and MC3 plan. Besides this, GESCOMETv3, the Communications
Manager presently being used by the Spanish Army for its battalions and brigades, will also be seen in operation. During this exhibition RFE will be showing the capabilities
of our state-of-the art HARRIS multiband communications equipment, real time video transmission and communications equipment for the Soldier of the Future. The voice
capabilities of the Army Communications Manager system will also be shown and the new Intercomunicador (intercom) and Radiocomunicador (radio communication set)
devices, developed by RFE, will be introduced.