RFE Services

RFE provides a whole range of support, advisory and technical support and installation services, both on products representing (fundamentally Harris, Invisio or Cobham), and own products developed by RFE.

Some of these services are the following:

  • Pre- and post-advisory during the useful life of equipment, on the adequacy of numerous radio equipment, software and accessories, to customer requirements, based on their various operational needs.
  • It provides technical support and maintenance for the various products and pieces of equipment it supplies, throughout their whole life cycle.
  • It performs physical installations for radio equipment, antennae and accessories in customers’ tactical vehicles y accessories.
  • It performs installations and modernization of global CIS equipment for tactical vehicles, installing Computers for Taclink, Intercom Boxes, IP telephony equipment and other CIS equipment.
  • It gives Training and Coaching Courses of all the radio equipment, aerials and accessories which RFE supply, as well as Taclink software and its accessories, to guarantee the best possible use in operational employment. This training and coaching support is provided throughout the whole life cycle of the equipment.
  • It develops its own line of products, such as communications software (Taclink) in different versions, as well as Intercom Boxes and other associated equipment.